1.Fishnet tights make legs look tanned and shaped

2.Latin shoes should be TAN colour, standard shoes- light beige, or wear shoes the same colour as your dress, if you decide to wear black shoes wear it only with black tights and a black dress

3.A little black dress is a must have not only for real life, but for dance life as well and a long black dress is a must-have for Smooth and Standard

4.Less is more, yes, it even applies to rhinestones!

5.Play with accessories, have a set of AB colour bracelets, earrings and preferably a belt that can match any dress. Pay attention to small details for instance rhinestone your shoes


6.Watch dance fashion trends by looking at the top couples

7.If you go with a loose style top, wear light and flowing bottom in order not to make a "heavy" look

8.If you decide to do your own hair and makeup better do a classy low bun and simple make up with a set of full fake eyelashes, wear hair net to make it tidy and strong

9.There is no such thing as too many bobby pins or hairspray for a dancer

10.Heel covers are good not only for the dance floor but also for your shoes and your comfort, always change them on time


Hope our styling tips will help you look stunning and don't forget to wear CONFIDENCE and rock the dance floor.

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