Are you doing a TANGO show dance and thinking of dress ideas?

We've got you covered!

Tango is most passionate dance. It's a dance about relationship, attempts to understand each other, about being together and separated, love and fight.

First you need to think of important details:

Is it an Argentinian Tango or is it American Smooth Tango or International Ballroom Tango?

Argentinian Tango dresses can be shorter than other two. It might have a high slit. Also it is nice if the skirt has some movement in it which extends while dancing.


If you are doing an American Smooth Tango show the dress should be long and may have or not have a slit.

Usually for International Ballroom Tango there can not be any slits, but for a show dance there might be some exceptions.

Another important Tango attribute is the colour.

As Tango is such a passionate dance, traditionally red colour is considered the most suitable for it.

Another popular colour variation is a combination of red and black.

Also it is a good idea to use red colour accessories, then a black practice dance dress would work perfect for tango performance.

Of course there can be other colour shades and variations, but we think that in order to feel the mood of the Tango dance these options help to represent it in the best way.

Hope we could help you find the ideas of a tango dress for your next performance!