Ballroom shoes that match the color of the ballroom dress or that match some of the details of the dance dresses is considered really stylish and beautiful idea. For example if your standard of smooth dress has a different colour of the underskirt it would be really nice to have your ballroom shoes dyed to the color of it. If you don't want to do it on your own you can ask your dance dress tailor if they provide such service. But if you decide to do it on your own here are our suggestions.


What you need:

•Satin shoes

•Dye (one or more depending if you can find the desired color or you have to mix it) in our video we needed a neon lime shade that we couldn't find to buy, so we mixed yellow and emerald colors)

•Paper towels to cover the work place and to put inside the shoes

•Water and small container

•A stick/plastic spoon/fork/knife in order to mix the dye

•Sponge and scissors to cut it into a smaller piece

•Protective gloves



•If you use Dylon fabric dye you need to be extremely careful when mixing it. It is a powder dye and it is very easy to spread it all over the place. Cover everything with old newspapers or paper towels. Add very small amounts of dye and test the color before applying on the shoes on a small swatch of satin fabric

•If the shade of color is not exactly the one you need, we suggest to make the shoes one tone lighter. This way it will match the dress better than darker tone)

•Start with one light layer, let dry for at least half an hour and then add another layer if needed

•VERY IMPORTANT! The color will become lighter once the shoes (or the fabric swatch you used) become dry

•You can't dye you shoes in the lighter shades than your shoes originally are. That's why don't forget to order your white satin dance shoes in advance.

 There is another popular brand of fabric dye - RIT. Mixing procedure for this due is different.