"Florina" Latin Wrap Skirt

This is a wrap skirt that needs to be tied-up around the waist. Made of stretchy material. Waist size is adjustable and fits as a one size fits all (XS to XL). There are two length options: 24inches (60cm)  30inches (75cm)   Stocked in USA/Canada for fast delivery and easy returns


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"Long Wrap" Black Dance Skirt

This long wrap skirt is ideal to wear on top of a leotard or can be even worn on top of a latin dress to transform it to standard or smooth outfit


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"Mezza Notte" Ballroom Dance Skirt

This gorgeous black ballroom dance skirt features two  panels with stretch net ruffles on the sides, high quality stretch crepe fabric, elastic waistband that can be rolled in to adjust the length of the skirt. Perfect for your next dance practice, smooth performance or first dance competition. Model is wearing...

$125.00 $79.00

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